More on a Biblical Book Burning

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the sad tale of Pastor Marc Grizzard and the Amazing Grace Baptist Church of Canton, North Carolina. Grizzard and his flock planned to spend their Halloween not giving out candy or dressing up for the holiday. Rather, they planned to burn Bibles that were not the King James Version.Continue reading “More on a Biblical Book Burning”

On a Biblical Bonfire

On Halloween, in the western North Carolina town of Canton, parishioners of the Amazing Grace Baptist Church will be having themselves a book burning. But not just any books. Satanic books. Like Bibles. If it’s not the King James Version, it’s Satanic, according to pastor Marc Grizzard: “The New Revised Version Bible, the American StandardContinue reading “On a Biblical Bonfire”

On Clothes For Palin

Science fiction author Robin Wayne Bailey has an interesting idea: In Ormond Beach, Florida today, John McCain was asked several times about the $150,000 spent on Sarah Palin’s wardrobe.  Each time, McCain answered with basically the same remarks, to wit, that Sarah Palin needed the clothes.   I want to start a national movement, andContinue reading “On Clothes For Palin”

On an Honor Too Awesome For Words

In San Francisco, they want to memorialize President George W. Bush. But this would be no ordinary memorial. Not a school, or a federal courthouse, or a stretch of interstate highway. This would be a sewage plant. The George W. Bush Sewage Plant: [A] group going by the regal-sounding name of the Presidential Memorial CommissionContinue reading “On an Honor Too Awesome For Words”