On a Week-End Round-Up

With the new redesign of the website, it’s possible that some potentially interesting content has fallen by the wayside and might be missed by casual readers. So, let’s review some of the things I wrote about last week.

Sunday began with some thoughts on the new layout of the website. While I was happy with the layout that I had, I wanted to experiment with a different look and feel, and so over the weekend I worked on bringing the Hemingway theme into the WordPress 2.3 world and making it fit my needs.

I’ve tweaked it a little more since then. I discovered a major layout issue with what I had done to index.php — if the main article were shorter than the excerpts on the righthand side, then all sorts of layout chaos would ensue. That was an easy fix.

I spent a little time yesterday reworking the Bottombar area. Changed the way the headers looked, for one thing, by adding rounded “bubbles” behind the header text to make it stand out. Hacked together the navigation calendar, for another.

Since I was happy with the look and feel of the custom stylesheet, I folded the changes I coded there into the main style.css file. The reason is that browsers will sometimes render the default style.css — producing a white-on-black text in a microfont, then rerender to the custom style sheet. It’s a bit schizo. Because the custom style sheet changes worked, it made sense to eliminate the two-step rendering process. And I whipped my print.css file into good shape as well.

The only bad thing about the redesign? I’m not sure if it’s the design per se, but the website’s been completely assaulted by the search engine crawlers. It’s not even funny.

Monday was an Age of Empires III after-action report. I haven’t touched the game since then.

Tuesday. On Tuesday I wrote about the graphic novel Epicurus the Sage by William Messner-Loebs and Sam Kieth. Completely ahistorical, and completely amusing.

Wednesday was dreary — we had rain in Charm City. And we would again, on Friday.

Thursday was the major post of the week, my reaction to John Edwards’ withdrawl the day before from the Presidential campaign. A few days on, I’m still mourning.

Even the new episode of Torchwood, “To The Last Man,” couldn’t cheer me up. But that’s neither here nor there.

I could speculate, from now until next year, as to what motivated Edwards to leave the campaign at this juncture. Wasn’t it just Monday that I received an e-mail from the campaign stating that he was in the race through Super Tuesday, and on to the Convention? Things change, things happen, and there was a calculus that we may never be privy to.

Will Edwards endorse anyone? Reports are that he won’t before Super Tuesday. I’m not even sure that he needs to endorse either Clinton or Obama. His supporters are splitting evenly for both — and some, like me, intend to vote for Edwards in the primary if he’s still on the ballot.

One observation. I find I’m no longer interested in visiting DailyKos or Talking Points Memo right now. It’s as though the wind’s been taken from my sails on all things political.

Enough about Thursday. Enough!

Friday began poorly. I discovered that my website had been down for something like ten hours.

But then Friday improved, and I learned that tomorrow, February 4th is “Across the Universe Day.” NASA will be beaming the Beatles song, “Across the Universe,” at Polaris. And then on Tuesday, the DVD of the film Across the Universe hits stores.

Yesterday, I reported on the news that there’s movement on an Arrested Development film. Which I want to see happen. I so want to see it happen.

I also mentioned the use of a Fab Four song in Tuesday night’s episode of House. Was it odd seeing a Christmas episode the last week of January? Maybe just a little. But at least this Christmas House wasn’t OD-ing on his vicodin. 😆

In short, it was another quiet week in Lake Wobegon. No, wait, that’s some other guy. 😆

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