On an Early Morning Headache

Begin with the premise that I’m not a morning person.

Oh, I can function in the morning. But I typical begin the day with some lethargy, and I don’t catch my first wind until ten-ish. It’s not uncommon that I’ll wake with a headache. Some would call that a hangover, but I wonder if it’s not simply a general dehydration, especially as more often than not I don’t drink in the evening, and even then certainly not to excess.

And then around three, maybe four, I’m ready for a nap.

So how do I compensate?


I dope myself with coffee. It’s socially acceptable. Though, to be frank, the coffee that the machines produce at work is not fit to be called “coffee.” I think “gross brown water” would be a more appropriate name.

The morning drag, then.

This morning is one of those headache mornings.

I wonder if part of it might be the recent trend to awaken at five o’clock.

There’s no reason to wake at five o’clock. There’s nothing going on in my world at five o’clock. I’m used to awakening before the alarm, but a full two hours? This is beyond strange.

Several days now, I’ve seen five o’clock. No one wants to see five o’clock.

And accompanying five o’clock?

The morning headache.

It’s lodged in the left frontal lobe. Not quite the temple. Not really right behind the eye. If my head where a Battleship board, then I’d say the headache is at C2.

Cue explosion sound effects. :neutral:

With luck, the headache will pass, and the day at work will pass smoothly.

The day at work had better pass smoothly; there’s a fair bit on tap for the day. And I don’t need a headache making it any more difficult. :/

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