On the Weird Way the Mind Works

Last night I was tired.

Actually, I’ve been tired. I blame the flu. Which hasn’t entirely passed.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I don’t feel bad. I feel quite well, actually. But there’s still some nasal congestion. There’s the occasional cough. And my voice is still off by about an octave. It lingers.

So, I went to bed. Fell asleep.

And then, about 1:30, I woke.


Because I had a song lodged in my head, on a tape loop.

“Stuck Inside a Cloud.” George Harrison. Brainwashed.

I’m listening to it now, trying to figure out why that song fixed itself inside my head.

I love Brainwashed, Harrison’s posthumous album. But, I find it somewhat depressing to listen to. The songs themselves are upbeat, catchy, and — dare I say it? — fun. What I find depressing is that, after this, there’s nothing else.

(There’s also “Horse to the Water,” the song Harrison did with Jools Holland. It’s a fantastic song. It’s also Harrison’s last song, written and performed about a month before his death. And it makes me sad to listen to.)

Eventually, the tape loop with “Stuck Inside a Cloud” ended.

I can’t figure out why, out of the complete blue, this song demanded attention. Was it the lyrics? Harrison’s memorable guitar solo? I’m thinking the lyrics.

3:30 came around.

And a new song was on the tape loop.

“Guess God Thinks I’m Abel.” Oasis. Don’t Believe The Truth.

I didn’t even try to puzzle this one out. I rolled over, waited for the mental tape loop to run its course, and fell back asleep.

And then I had a dream about the next Star Trek movie. It turned out that George Bush was in the film. He was the leader of an alien vanguard, and if Kirk’s Enterprise didn’t travel back in time to stop Bush, then aliens would conquer the Earth in the early 21st century.

Hmm, maybe there’s a useful idea there….

I’ve got it! The reason Bush is the Teflon President is that he’s actually a telepathic alien, who uses his freaky mind powers to keep people from looking directly at him. So, people see the things going on around him, but they don’t see the spider in the middle of the web.

Oh, that’s entirely workable. 🙂

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