On a Week-End Round-Up

Today’s recap of last week’s blog posts may be less than enthralling. To be frank, I didn’t write a hell of a lot worth noticing last week. Last week was what I affectionately like to call “Hell Week” — it’s the week at work where the publications I work on and am responsible for go out the door to press, and things get… wonky. My blog posts last week reflect that fact; my mind was elsewhere. 🙂

Sunday kicked off with another of my “This is what I’ve just done with WordPress” posts. The proximate cause was that WordPress 2.5 was supposed to drop on Tuesday the 11th. It didn’t, but I didn’t know that on Sunday. But I used WordPress to segue into writing about one of my most important self-realizations — I’m a compulsive tinkerer, and I summed it up thusly: “Don’t underestimate the terribly addictive lure of tinkering.”

On Monday I was tagged with a politics/science-fiction meme. It wasn’t anything profound, but I did have to give it some thought. 🙂

Tuesday I wrote about words, especially the vast quantities of words I use on occasion. It’s not uncommon for me to sit down, write out an e-mail, and have the word count run into the low four figures. I won’t say I have a David R. George-ian faculty with word counts that would fell forests, but I can be prolix with my words. 😉

Tuesday afternoon I discovered this video mash-up of the Beatles and Van Halen. It’s quite clever, actually — Van Halen’s “Runnin’ With The Devil” is overlaid with the Beatles’ “Drive My Car.” The artistry is astounding, in matching up these two songs and the video footage used. My only complaint? The Beatles footage is taken from their performance of “Revolution” on the David Frost Show, so it’s actually a bit jarring to watch them when you hear “Drive My Car.”

Wednesday brought the fantastic news that the BBC gave their approvals to the Doctor Who anthology, The Quality of Leadership. It features thirteen new tales of the first eight Doctors from a bunch of very talented and very popular authors. Oh, and a story by me. UK readers, look for it in shops in May. Everyone else, check online retailers.

Thursday was a sluggish day. Not just because Wednesday was the one day a month where I work until at least eight at night, but because I just don’t adjust well to Daylight Savings Time. It makes me fell blech, until my body gets used to it.

On Friday I tackled something interesting — What would be good song choices for the next American Idol Beatles-theme night? I think the Idols need to do something challenging, something that isn’t overly familiar to audiences.

I’ve decided I’d add two more possibilities. “It’s Only Love,” from Help!, and “And Your Bird Can Sing,” from Revolver. Actually, now that I have Help! playing, I think there’s a lot of songs on that album that would fit the need to perform something outside-the-box. “I’ve Just Seen a Face,” for instance. Or “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away.”

But mainly, I suffered under a migraine on Friday. Oh, ye gods! Oh!

I’m feeling better now. Thanks.

Saturday I had more WordPress on the mind, as now WP 2.5 is supposed to drop this coming Tuesday. And even though, every upgrade, I think I’ll wait a few days — or even a few weeks — I know that won’t happen.

I’m the compulsive tinkerer, remember. Tuesday, I’ll download the distro. I’ll upload the files. I’ll run the upgrade script. And something will break. Or not. Because I need to have the latest, even if it’s not necessarily the greatest.

Also, Python-opoly, the Monopoly game based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

An evening viewing of The Return of the King brought the week to a close.

What’s in store for the coming week? Well, tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day… :vogon:

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