On Smurfs and Smurfing Smurf

Some Smurf musings, as I’ve had Smurfs on the brain! Occasionally, Smurf biology comes up in conversation.

Smurfs clearly reproduce asexually.

Consider! Smurfette was a homunculus created by Gargamel, and her existence was alien to the Smurfs. The Smurfs had no idea what Smurfette was, or where she had come from. Quite simply, the Smurfs aren’t sexual beings, ergo the entire concept of sexuality would be alien to them.

I suspect they reproduce by budding, which explains why they all look alike; they’re basically clones of previous generations. They’re probably some sort of fungus.

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7 thoughts on “On Smurfs and Smurfing Smurf

  1. Interesting that all of the Smurfs appear to be roughly the same age, except for one who they refer to as Poppa. From memory, the cartoon even had a grandfather Smurf in the later seasons…

  2. I’m curious, did you opt for the regular dime bag or did you go for the quarter-brick this time? 😉

  3. I didn’t smurfing sleep the other night; the smurfing itching kept me awake, and I tossed and and smurfed and turned and smurfed all night long!

    And you know how you can tell when I don’t have anything smurfingly interesting to write about? It’s when I post smurfing weird smurf like this. 🙂

    Keeps smurfs guessing. 😉

  4. ALL Smurfs are aparently homonculi. According to an officially liscensed SURFS album all the other Smurfs were created by an old wizard (more likely an Alchemist) to keep him company. Gargamel’s magic also leaned more toward alchemical applications, as he wanted to use Smurfs to make gold.

    Given tha the Smurfs took place late in the Middle ages (1300-1400 AD), and that Papa himself was 500 years old and Grandpa being probably around 700-900, it would imply that Smurfs were first created by the aforementioned Alchemist around 500-700 AD. Female Smurfs are also shown to have existed as far back as Grandpas day, like Nanny Smurf.

    There have also been implied to be tribes of Smurfs across the globe. Baby Smurf may have been sent by one such tribe to the Smurf villiage in the cartoon. One origin states Smurfs are found in the forest under smilax leaves.

    Judging to Papa’s supised reactions to Smurfette and Baby, its possible that knowledge of female Smurfs and how to create them and baby Smurfs may have been witheld from him by older Smurfs. However it isnt a suprise to Grandpa.

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