On Hanging Posters

Two years ago I moved to Baltimore, and in all that time, I never bothered to hang my poster collection.

My poster collection amounted to not much at all, but it was my collection, and I never hung them up.

There was many and multiple reasons for this. There’s really no place to hang posters, unless I were to hang them in the stairwell. After I bought Jim Cauty’s Gandalf poster, I bought a frame and hung that in the stairwell. But other posters? No.

Today, I started taking my posters and hanging them, giving the stairwell an art gallery-like look.

There’s a poster of Wrigley Field. There’s a map of Middle-Earth. A P. Buckley Moss print. A diploma.

And then there’s some video game posters. When I managed a store for EB Games, sometimes I would snag our marketing posters when we were done with them, if the artwork was striking and not marred by sales information or things like that. LEGO Star Wars had a fabulous poster. So, too, did Vivendi’s Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring game. I particularly liked the poster for the Nintendo DS version of Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings.

Those are hanging in the stairwell, as well.

I’m not finished. I need more poster frames, for some recent — and not so recent — purchases, such as a poster of The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night cover. Or the theatrical one-sheet from The Dark Knight, the one that used 9-11 iconography as a backdrop to Batman. And comic book posters, as well, such as Jeff Smith’s Captain Marvel poster, taken from the first issue of The Monster Society of Evil series.

That sounds like a lot. But I have one whole side of the stairwell I’ve not decorated yet.

I’m happy with how it’s fitting together. I love where I placed the map of Middle-Earth, for instance — it’s on the stairwell overhang. Wrigley Field dominates the top, as the ceiling angles downward.

It’s looking good. I’ll be glad when it’s done. Fortunately, that won’t take me another two years. 😉

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