On the End of an Era

David Tennant announced today that he will be stepping down from his role as the Doctor in Doctor Who at the end of 2009 Specials.

I’d been hoping that Tennant would have stayed through the 2010 season, the first with Steven Moffat as the series’ head writer.

But he’s not.

And the inevitable speculation has already begun — Who will be the next Doctor? Over the weekend, IO9 made the case for Stephen Fry, which I would be completely thrilled with.

However, I imagine the eleventh Doctor will not be Fry.

I’ll miss David Tennant as the Doctor. I may have quibbles with some of the stories, but I’ve never had an issue with Tennant as an actor. He will forever be one of the benchmarks against which an actor’s performance will be measured.

The end of an era, indeed.

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3 thoughts on “On the End of an Era

  1. It doesn’t hurt that io9 gave you some link-love in that article…nice. 🙂

    I would’ve liked David Tennant to stick around, too. He’s shaping up to be the Tom Baker of this generation, i.e. mainstream fans who came to the series through its revival will tend to think of him as the Doctor.

  2. Of course, Fry has already been a Time Lord – he was the Minister of Chance in Death Comes To Time, although most fans seem to ignore that particular adventure…

    As good as Fry is, I agree with you that he’s unlikely to get the gig (but a guest star role, though?) I’m liking the idea of Patterson Joseph more and more as time goes on, though.

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