On Things I Wonder About

Those rubber band balls you can buy at office supply stores?

You know. The ones that are the size of a baseball. Round. Made entirely of rubber bands. And which would probably hurt like a motherfucker if you threw it at someone.

Yeah, those rubber band balls.

How are they made?

Is it a machine? Are they made by hand? Is it someone in a Third World country who gets like a nickel for every single one he assembles?

I’m suddenly imagining factories. Sweet shops, really.

All to make rubber band balls.

Yes, I really wonder about these things.

I blame my migraine.

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One thought on “On Things I Wonder About

  1. You’ll never believe this, but the last time Rachel and I were wandering Wal-Mart, I asked her exactly that question.

    By way or response, she shot me a bewildered look and said, “Let’s keep walking, dummy-bear.”

    I’m gonna go look it up right now!

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