On Today’s Musical Discovery

This morning I downloaded the latest episode of Vic Galloway’s Scotland Introducing podcast. It’s one of the things I look forward every Friday, to see what unsigned Scottish bands Vic is going to profile this particular week.

I wasn’t that taken with this week’s episode. There were some live session tracks, and they were just noise to me. Nothing really gripped me.

Then, the last song he played was from a Glasgow band called The Great Money Trick. Just guitar-based pop with a female vocalist. And before the song was played, one of the band members said their latest album was available as a free download from their MySpace page. Unfortunately, I didn’t really understand what he said; his accent was nigh impenetrable, and I had to check the notes in my RSS feed to figure out who the band even was.

I really liked the song. It was catchy. It had a nice sound. Reminded me somewhat of Camera Obscura, actually. There were some throwback elements to the sound. And a raw, unpolished quality to the music that I found charming. It closed out the episode, and that was a nice way to end this week with Vic Galloway’s show.

So then I checked out the MySpace page. If there was a way to download the album from there, I never found it. MySpace and I don’t really click. *shrug*

Fortunately, it was downloadable from thegreatmoneytrick.co.uk and from the band’s last.fm page.

I’ve enjoyed listening today to their album, Back to Front. It’s fun. It’s amiable. And on a near-summer day like today, it was a nice change of pace. It probably won’t change my world. But I liked it well enough. It was fun. :cheers:

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