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A random round-up of weekend happenings…

— My stereo’s CD tray won’t open any longer. I had a feeling this was going to happen; the tray has been tetchy for a few months now. If I can figure out how to dismantle the stereo, possibly reset a gear or two, I might try that.

— Thanks to various readers, I received some feedback on the outline I wrote last weekend. I reworked a few things based on reader suggestions, and I added a few things I realized that either I had missed or I had bungled. The really gratifying piece of feedback came from an old friend, who said that it reminded her of something specific, which was the precise vibe I was going for. 🙂

— I wrote a cover letter for the outline. I’m going to sit on it tonight, and if I looks good in the morning, off it will go! :h2g2:

— Actual quote: “Excuse me, but are you smoking crack?”

— I watched the fifth episode of Merlin tonight, “Lancelot.” Despite the griffin effect looking like total ass — seriously, in the pre-credits sequence when Lancelot is fighting the griffin, they don’t look like they’re anywhere close to one another — the episode was solid and enjoyable. The series is a bit goofy at times, Prince Arthur is a total (but well-meaning) dick, King Uther is a total asshole (and a bit of an idiot), but the overall effect is fun. I know the series is continuing in the UK; I just hope the ratings are solid enough for NBC for them to buy the second season to plug a summer schedule hole next year.

— Speaking of Merlin, I was watching a second season episode of The Tudors. And one of Henry’s sexual conquests was Katie McGrath, the actress that portrays Morgana in Merlin. I thought she looked familiar, and when I read the credits at the end of the episode I went “A-ha!” 😮

— I bought Bill Leisner’s Star Trek: The Next Generation novel, Losing the Peace. It is not, however, on the top of my reading pile at the moment. The top is The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentlemen, which I’ve mentioned.

— I didn’t dig into Shandy directly after finishing The Saga of the Volsungs. No, that honor went to a book I won’t name, the sequel to a mystery I suffered through last year. So, if that book was that craptacular, why did I buy the sequel? To be honest, it’s a book that’s tailor-made for me. Really, it is. If only the writing were competent, if the story did anything to surprise me, if the characters were at all interesting, if the mystery had any sort of, y’know, mystery to it… :sick:

Shore Leave is next weekend. As soon as I have my schedule of panels (probably no later than Wednesday), I’ll post it.

— A challenge on a bulletin board prompted me to put together a list of songs that I would consider the essential introduction to Carbon Leaf. The limitation? It has to fit on a single CD. I have a playlist that works, but I’m not happy with it. At all. Why did I choose “Live Like You”? Why don’t I have more from Ether-Electrified Porch Music? Why does “Dear” have to be so fucking long? I shall ponder this some more. When I’m happy with it, I’ll post the playlist.

— Another actual quote: “Do you have drugs handy? You may need them…”

— I have discovered the greatest comic book website ever: Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog. I particularly liked this post, on Life With Archie. Why doesn’t Archie publish stuff like that these days? ❓

— All this Merlin and Saga of the Volsung adventuring made me want to play some Age of Empires II. I wanted to lay siege to a medieval town. I played as the Vikings, and with my Longboats and Transports, I ran hit-and-fade attacks from the sea. They would wade ashore, pillage and burn, and then back into the boats they would go. Eventually, I brought Trebuchets in, and they razed the enemy town to the ground. Vikings rule.

And on tap for the week to come? Lots of writing. And Shore Leave! :party:

Oh, and I need to buy light bulbs. Remember that! Light bulbs.

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