On Being Histamatic

I am histamatic.

That’s my word-coinage for the day, defined as “I itch all freakin’ over.”

Why is Allyn histamatic?

I ate some mango in a fruit salad a few days ago. Mango contains trace quantities of urushiol, the active toxin in poison ivy that causes skin irritation. Cashews also contain trace amounts of urushiol. Some people develop allergies to both, if they’re allergic to poison ivy. The cashew allergy kicks in around the age of twenty. The mango allergy kicks in around the age of forty. I knew the day of reckoning with mango was coming.

So I have some poison ivy-like blisters on my arms and legs, and my skin elsewhere feels itchy. I don’t even want to talk about what the inside of my nose feels like.


New word for the day. Go forth and use it! :party:

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