In recent weeks I have been working on a WordPress theme.

There’s nothing wrong with what I have. I like the Argo theme that NPR created. It does a lot of really nice things. I wanted a magazine-style front page, and I enjoyed putting that together.

However, Argo isn’t not mobile-friendly. It wasn’t designed to be; it was made for a 960-pixel grid. I have made it mobile-friendly with a child theme I created that turns the grid into percentages, and that works fairly well except for my front page. The slider isn’t resizable, and to be honest I had a bear of a time when I coded it originally.

I started to wonder if I could build a new front page with a responsive slider. I quickly ran into difficulty; Argo loads a lot of JavaScript, I needed more for the slider, none of it plays nicely, and things broke.

This required some thinking. I decided to build what I wanted on top of another, responsive theme, taking the things from Argo that I liked along for the ride.

It’s not close, not yet. Soon, though.

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