Over the last five, six, maybe eight years, people have asked me about my blog’s tagline. (Which is also my personal email sig, by the way.) Scroll up to the top of the blog, and there, in a Tolkien-inspired font, you’ll see it. “‘Made of awesome and Guinness and bright shiny pennies…’ What does that mean?”

It’s something Lisa Sullivan, a friend of mine for a little more than a decade, said of me, well, about a decade ago. I don’t remember the circumstances, sadly, but they must have been important, because I adopted the phrase as a personal motto.

Obviously, since it’s the blog’s tagline and my email’s sig quote.

And it certainly makes sense. Awesome is debatable, but I’m certainly a magician of some sort (so I’ve been called at work), and Guinness is definitely my thing, so it all works. 🙂

If I were to adopt another quote as a tagline, I would honestly choose a Doctor Who quote — “I can’t make your dream come true forever, but I can make it come true today.” That’s from the eighth Doctor’s only televised adventure, the 1996 FOX television movie which doesn’t have an official name but which I like to call “Enemy Within.” It’s a lovely and magical quote, which is why I would adopt it if I had to.

What if I had to choose a piece of music? Oh, that would be John Williams’ “The Imperial March.” Not because I see myself as a Darth Vader type — far from it, truly — but because it’s the kind of music that makes an entrance and demands attention. And, for a time, it was my mobile’s ringtone. (Specifically, Trent Reznor’s remix of it for Star Wars: Force Commander, often dubbed the “Rage Mix.”) It’s not uncommon for me to wander through the halls and passages of the office, whistling “The Imperial March” as I go. It’s as much for my amusement as to warn people who are in a cross passage that there’s someone moving at great speed nearby. (I have the unfortunate habit of crashing into people in the office. It’s not entirely my fault; the office wasn’t designed for traffic.)

And there you have it, the story of my blog’s tagline.

Topic taken from The Daily Post‘s “Tagline” prompt.

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