On 62 Questions

Keith R.A. Decandido posted a list of sixty-one biographical questions–numbered to sixty-two, skipping number eleven.

I took a crack at answering them myself, and added a question, to bring the total number to sixty-two. Read away!

  1. First name?
  2. Were you named after anyone?
    Allyn Atworth Gardner, my great-grandfather. In 2003 I wrote about this in more detail.
  3. Do you wish on stars?
    No, I don’t wish on stars. What’s the point, really? I have consulted tarot cards and the I Ching at various times, but that’s not wishing.
  4. When did you last cry?
    Christmas Eve. I received a letter at work from one of the store’s young customers, and I was so touched by it that my eyes welled up, and I sat down in the backroom and cried some more.
  5. Do you like your handwriting?
    I’ve long forgotten how to write in cursive–the only thing I can render in cursive now is my signature. I print, and I like my printing. It’s bold, bouncy. It sometimes gets mistaken for a woman’s handwriting. It didn’t used to be that way–ten years ago my writing was very erratic. But I like it now.
  6. What’s your favorite lunch meat?
  7. What is your birth date?
    24 June.
  8. What is your most embarrassing CD?
    A CD of Hobbit gangsta rap.
  9. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
    There are times in my life when I would have answered, “No,” and truly meant it. Today? I probably would.
  10. Are you political?
    I follow politics. I vote. I fall left of center on the political spectrum.
  11. Are you a daredevil?
    I have little call for it in my life today, but yes, I will do things just for the endorphin rush.
  12. Do looks matter?
    I think so.
  13. How do you release anger?
    I break things. I throw things.
  14. Where is your second home?
    I don’t have one.
  15. Do you trust others easily?
    Trust is earned, not given. That’s something I hold to because of work, and I find it applies through life. Ronald Reagan said famously, “Trust, but verify,” and though I don’t hold much with Reagan, I can endorse his sentiment.
  16. What was your favorite toy as a child?
    Broke Blanket. It was a blanket I owned that I wore out, and it had a giant hole in it. Hence, “broke blanket.” Or, there was the book on the history of the Maryland-Pennsylvania Railroad that ran between Baltimore and York–I couldn’t read it, but I loved to sleep with it and wore it out.
  17. Which class in high school do you think was totally stupid?
    World Cultures, the tenth grade social studies class in West Virginia. It was a mix of world history and world geography, but with no focus on anything. Geography and history had both been touched upon in junior high school, so I couldn’t see what made World Cultures different enough to justify them again.
  18. Do you have a journal?
  19. Do you use sarcasm a lot?
    Yes, to the point where my staff cannot tell at times if I’m serious or not.
  20. What are your nicknames?
    I despise nicknames. I get upset with people who call me anything other than “Allyn.”
  21. Would you bungee jump?
    I would. See the question on daredevils.
  22. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
    No, I don’t untie my shoes. I just pull them off. Neither do I untie them when I put them on. I just jam my foot in.
  23. Do you think that you are strong?
    Physically, I can hold my own. Emotionally, I have my up days and my down days.
  24. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
    Mint chocolate chip.
  25. Shoe size?
    10 1/2.
  26. Red or pink?
  27. What is your least favorite thing about yourself?
    Sometimes I get lost in myself to the point where I tune out the people and things around me. Sometimes I do that a lot.
  28. Who do you miss most?
    As much as I would like to say some of my friends from college, I can’t. I miss them, but I miss some of my friends from high school more, though to quote Martin Blank from Grosse Point Blank, “I don’t know what I have in common with those people anymore.” Still, it’s Shelly I miss the most.
  29. Do you want everyone to whom you send this to send it back?
    It doesn’t matter.
  30. What color pants and shoes are you wearing?
    I’m wearing olive shorts and no shoes.
  31. What are you listening to right now?
    “The Connection,” on NPR. They’re discussing the President’s State of the Union address from last night.
  32. Last thing you ate?
    A handful of Hershey’s Kisses.
  33. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
    Silver. I don’t know why.
  34. What is the weather like right now?
    Rain, chaning over to snow later in the afternoon.
  35. Last person you talked to on the phone?
    A customer at the store last night.
  36. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
  37. Do you like the person who sent this to you?
  38. What is your ethnicity?
  39. Favorite drink?
    Iced tea.
  40. Favorite sport?
  41. Hair color?
    Black, and going grey at the temples.
  42. Eye color?
    My eyes change color from day to day. Today, they’re green.
  43. Do you wear contacts?
  44. Are you single?
  45. Favorite food?
    I would love to have a really good hot dog right about now.
  46. Last movie you watched?
    Young Sherlock Holmes, Monday night.
  47. Favorite day of the year?
    Opening day of the baseball season.
  48. Scary movies or happy endings?
    Scary movies.
  49. Summer or winter?
    Summer. Though I miss snow….
  50. Hugs or kisses?
    Hugs. I’m a tactile person.
  51. Do you have any favorite rants and, if so, what are they?
    I do. The Star Trek canon rant comes quickly to mind.
  52. What is your favorite dessert?
  53. Who is most likely to respond?
    I really have no idea.
  54. Who is most likely not to respond?
    See the previous question.
  55. What books are you reading?
    I just finished Peter Tremayne’s Absolution by Murder. I recently finished Nick Hornby’s The Polysyllabic Spree. I’ve also been working on G.W.F. Hegel’s The Philosophy of History and Edgar Vincent’s Nelson: Love & Fame.
  56. What’s on your mouse pad?
    I don’t have a mousepad because I use a trackball.
  57. What did you watch last night on TV?
    I didn’t. The last thing I watched was House on Tuesday. Before that, Arrested Development on Sunday. I don’t turn the television on every day.
  58. Favorite smells?
    Baking cookies. Especially if they have chocolate chips in them.
  59. Favorite sounds?
    The purring of a happy cat.
  60. Rolling Stones or Beatles?
    The Beatles, by a long stretch. I could count the number of Beatles albums I have–it’s well over fifty, counting solo albums by the former Beatles–but I have a single Rolling Stones album, 40 Licks. I do like the Stones, but I don’t go back to them, don’t ponder them, the way I do the Beatles.
  61. What’s the farthest you’ve been from home?
    Las Vegas.
  62. Do you have a special talent?
    Voice impressions. Particular favorites–John Hurt and Kermit the Frog. Why anyone would want to do an impression of John Hurt I couldn’t tell you, but I can.

My, that was fun, wasn’t it? 😉

Now to fix some coffee….

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