Last night, after work, I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens with my coworkers thanks for an end-of-year work function. Here are my non-spoilery thoughts, posted on social media last night and this morning.

First, Facebook:

My non-spoilery reaction to the new Star Wars movie — I was entertained, but it’s best to have tempered expectations. The Force Awakens feels like more of a pastiche of a Star Wars movie (albeit a very well-made one) than something new. I guess that makes it the perfect Star Wars movie for these nostalgia-drenched times, but I want something that feels more original than a Kevin J. Anderson-esque story.

Next up, Twitter:

Let me say that it’s an enjoyable popcorn film, and Harrison Ford is delightful at reprising Han Solo. There are even some unexpected Easter Eggs, like a sequence that reminded me of a similar sequence in an early episode of Star Wars Rebels.

It’s also very much a J.J. Abrams film in that it doesn’t pause for breath and the science, such as it is, is stupid.

Now, onto today’s links.

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