The soles of my feet are numb.

Tonight is a full moon. Not only that, it’s a lunar eclipse. I went outside to look, and part of the moon was missing.

“But that’s true most of the time!” you say, and that’s true; most of the time the moon shows a phase, a waxing gibbous phase or a warning gibbous phase. Yet, we instinctively know what that looks like, the way the line between light and curved.

A lunar eclipse looks nothing like that. Part of the moon is simply blotted out.

It’s very cold outside.

I was bundled up, I wore multiple pairs of socks, and I could only last a few minutes outside. But those conditions! The concrete leached all feeling from my feet through socks and shoes. Perhaps by morning I’ll have feeling once more.

It’s lovely outside tonight, it was lovely almost all day, were it not for the cold and the bloody wind.

Now, bed.

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