The Daily Cloud: September 6

Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland. Henry Hardy is roughly center, though not visible due to location and gravesite style.

Not a lot of cloud action today. I wondered if there were any point.

I drove down to Loudon Park this afternoon, partly to see whether the exploded trees had been cleaned up in the last six weeks, mainly to see if the cemetery were flooded or not after the remnants of Hurricane Ida passed through since the cemetery has a history of flooding.

Random aside: I liked pronouncing Ida in the German style, with a long-e — Eeda. No one else did.

The cemetery was not flooded. Nor were the fallen trees cleaned up.

Nothing more to say about that.

A thought I had today — since this is the way my brain works: when did angels start looking more like attractive, winged women and less like unspeakable, unimaginable horrors? In Biblical mythology, angels don’t look remotely human.

Diamond’s offices reopen tomorrow, nearly eighteen months after we began working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The offices have been open and available for anyone who wanted to use them — and I did — but for most people, even on a hybrid model for the time being, this is the start of a new chapter. The place has changed significantly in the last eighteen months. People have left, some by choice, some not. One of the sister companies may have moved into Diamond’s office over the weekend.

I thought today would feel more like the night before school started or classes began. Instead, it doesn’t feel like anything.

I’ll even try to be surprised tomorrow about the gift bag welcoming me back that I know is on my desk. I was there on Friday when they were deployed, so I know what it is and I know what’s in it.

I hope this works out. We were going to reopen in November — the company was even getting the offices ready for our return — until rising COVID case counts scuttled that. The return decision was announced in June, when cases had plummeted and vaccines were readily available, but cases are rising again due to the delta variant and vaccinations have plateaued.

I fear the next several months of the pandemic will be very, very bad.

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