On Shire Reckoning… Again

The strange little box in the sidebar is now fixed.

I’ve written my first WordPress plug-in.

As you can tell, it generates a date in Shire Reckoning. I’ve done this before, but as a BASIC program. Now I’ve rewritten the program in fairly simply .php code.

Interested parties may download the plug-in here.

How does one call the plug-in? I inserted the following code into my sidebar.php file:
<?php shire_reckoning(); ?>

It can take two arguments–’auto’ or ‘now. Now will give you the current date in Shire Reckoning. Auto can be used to replace the_date function with shire_reckoning('auto') in your WordPress loop if you want to have your blog’s dates given in Hobbit terms.

Here’s my main page on Shire Reckoning. :)

4 thoughts on “On Shire Reckoning… Again

  1. I as well have this working – the second version which adds “what happened on this day” to the SR date….

    Thanks much, Allyn!

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