On an E-Mail Frustration

I sold some stock a few days ago. Today, my brokerage sent me an e-mail presumably confirming that the transaction went through. I say “presumably” because this is the message I received:

This is a graphic email message. If you are reading this message then your email program does not support HTML format. We recommend upgrading the program you use to read your email.

My e-mail client is The Bat, and I’ve been using the program for years. It does handle HTML-f0rmatted e-mails, but I don’t want to be bothered with them so I have the program configured to present HTML e-mails as plain text. HTML e-mails are one of the big reasons e-mail worms propogate–that, and the open barn door that passes for MS-Outlook’s security.

Unforunately in this case, flipping over to the HTML viewer was of no help at all. Apparently this was a graphics-heavy e-mail linking back to the brokerage’s webpage–The Bat won’t display those graphics at all. All I had to go by was the URLs in the e-mail’s source code, but those proved unhelpful.

So, I have no idea what my broker was trying to tell me. Lovely.

I do know the stock was sold, though. I look at the online account tells me that.

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  1. 😀 I like the new website layout Allyn! Very neat! I tried to click the link for “About” though and it doesn’t do anything. How is your break from work going? Call or write sometime!

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