On Batman Begins

Jesus Fucking Christ.

Go see Batman Begins. It’s not just a good comic-book movie. It’s a good movie, period.

I won’t say much about the film, because there’s a surprise in the film that had I known about going in I’d have hated myself for knowing. The performances, all save Katie Holmes, were top-notch, with particular kudos going out to Liam Neeson as Henri Ducard and Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth.

Fucking awesome movie.

4 thoughts on “On Batman Begins

  1. I agree… yeah… didn’t know about the surprise either, and it was soooo cool… can’t wait for the reappaearance in #3 :grin:

    Disagree with Katie Holmes… while she wasn’t awesome, she was perfect as the girl next door that Bruce grew up with… It’s a good role for her… the only she can have cuz she doesn’t have the talent to get beyond the Dawson’s Creek role, and she’s tanked her professional reputation by now just being known as Tom Cruise’s latest beard.

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