On Doctor Who Anticipation

The more I watch Doctor Who this year, the more impressed I am.

The reason?

I have the sense that Steven Moffat is creating (and has achieved) a 13-part story. Each episode feels like a chapter in a novel, and now we stand on the cusp of the conclusion.

And I have no idea what kind of conclusion we’re about to see. Though the trailer, after the jump, looks fantastic.

I have heard some fantastic theories, though. My current favorite, because I can see the logic behind it, is this — a Star Trek-style reboot. And there’s a rumor from around Christmastime that has resurfaced that I find compelling. And what is up with all the William Hartnell appearances…

But I’ll leave my speculations for another week.

In the meantime, the trailer for “The Pandorica Opens,” the penultimate episode of the fifth season…

And, for fun, Andrew Rilstone’s look at the fifth season’s story arc:

  • Fish Custard (11)
  • Fish Custard (12)
  • Fish Custard (13)
  • Fish Custard (14)
  • Fish Custard (15)
  • Fish Custard (16)
  • Fish Custard (17)
  • Fish Custard (18)
  • Fish Custard (19)
  • The story arc. It really does feel planned, in a way that Russell T. Davies’ work did not. Rilstone notes that Davies’ work had a “made up as we go” feel to it, and The Writer’s Tale, Davies’ book on writing Doctor Who, makes that fact abundantly clear.

    And we’ll see over the next thirteen days whether or not Moffat can pull off the “big” story he so clearly is telling. I think he will. 🙂

    On a completely different note, for something interesting and unique in the world of Doctor Who podcasts, Charlie Kirchoff’s Vworpcast, which looks at the world of Doctor Who comics! There hasn’t been an episode since April, but I’ll keep checking back on this.

    Six days to “The Pandorica Opens.” Can’t wait. :h2g2:

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