On Crayon Colors and What They Mean

I get three crayons to make a picture. I don't know what the picture will be; I'm suddenly reminded of the last time I went to Five Guys and I drew a picture of the Union Jack on a postcard and tacked it up on their corkboard. Three crayons. A picture. I go with primary colors. Bold colors. Three crayons. That's all.

Blue is basic. Blue is stolid. Blue is a foundation. Nothing can be done without blue.

Red is fire. Red is passion. Red is intensity. Once you have your foundation, you have to do something with it. Blue needs red.

Green is dreams. Green is imagination. Green is life. Once you have your passion, you need to make something of it. The foundation is solid, the passion is turbulent, and the dreams soar.

Green is the awkward color. Green is the odd man out. Green’s imagination doesn’t mix well with red’s passion. They don’t blend. But they temper one another. Balance.

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