On Boston Legal and Search Phrases

Rough calculation here. Today 80 percent of the Internet searches that led here did so on a combination of two of the following three phrases: “Rhona Mitra” “Monica Potter” “Boston Legal.” And tying them together–“leaves” “Rhona Mitra leaves Boston Legal.” “Monica Potter leaves Boston Legal.” “Why did Rhona Mitra leave Boston Legal.” “Why did Monica Potter leave Boston Legal.”

Well, guess what, people. They have left the building. I don’t know why–I’ve no connection to Boston Legal except as a fan. Do I care why they’ve left the building? Not particularly, no. I’d have liked to see them stay, but they’re gone, and I don’t care, as long as the show stays quality. And after two weeks of the Potter-less Boston Legal (and Mitra-less Boston Legal starts next week, I presume) the show’s still quality.

So, let’s summarize.

Monica Potter. Rhona Mitra. Boston Legal. The two actresses have left the building. I don’t fucking know why. I don’t fucking care why. It’s not my issue. Can we stop asking me about it?

Between Boston Legal questions and the daily Google trawl I’ve just accounted for ninety percent of the webpage’s activity…. :bond:

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3 thoughts on “On Boston Legal and Search Phrases

  1. Hey, I’ve ended up here after some completely off-the-wall search strings. What the hell are you hiding on this site, anyway?

    (Today I ended up here trying to find a TrekBBS thread where The Notorious JD and I had words. Go figure.)

  2. What am I hiding? No one’s been looking for Bubba D’s fan club recently. Two months running back in ’03 that was the top search string–“Kevin Dilmore fan club.

    Then “Bill Leisner” was my top search hit one month. People are more interested in Leisner than me?

    And then there’s the recent search for “polydactyl Dayton.” Okay, so someone thinks Dayton’s a cat with extra toes? Weird.

    And no, people, I do not know Jon Buckland’s phone number. I don’t hang with Coldplay, okay?

  3. Then “Bill Leisner” was my top search hit one month. People are more interested in Leisner than me?

    No one was more shocked than I was…

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