On Emma Thompson and House

Emma Thompson received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week, flanked by Nanny McPhee costar Maggie Gyllenhaal and Cambridge classmate and House star Hugh Laurie. Seeing Thompson and Laurie together reminds me, besides Peter’s Friends (which I’ve not seen in far too long), of a House story I would love to see. … Continue reading On Emma Thompson and House

On Weird Fandom Questions

Stolen from novelist David McIntee: Name six of your fandoms without looking below the cut, then answer the questions. Okie-day! I’m interpretting “fandom” broadly—I like bands, I like books, I like television shows. So, broad definitions here. My six are: Hellboy The Beatles Doctor Who The Lord of the Rings Star Trek Boston Legal And … Continue reading On Weird Fandom Questions

On Recent Search Phrases

Stat time once more! Here’s a random factoid. In the past two weeks, which is what the server report I pulled this morning covers, twice as many people accessed The World According to Allyn with Windows 3.1 machines as by Amiga machines. I’m just amazed there are people out there, doing the Internet-thing, with Windows … Continue reading On Recent Search Phrases

On a Boston Legal Reminder

Tonight’s episode of Boston Legal, as I mentioned a little more than a week ago, will be an episode combining footage from the 1957 television drama, “The Defenders,” starring William Shatner, with a storyline that involves the firm in a sequel to that fifty year-old television program. This sounds so cool. 🙂