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Stat time once more!

Here’s a random factoid. In the past two weeks, which is what the server report I pulled this morning covers, twice as many people accessed The World According to Allyn with Windows 3.1 machines as by Amiga machines. I’m just amazed there are people out there, doing the Internet-thing, with Windows 3.1.

I do like that the “alternate” browsers–Opera and Firefox–are used more than Microsoft’s browser offering. Once upon a time I thought IE was fantastic and Netscape was anything but. Today, IE is anything but fantastic (even in its latest release) and its competitors rock socks.

Which reminds me, people–there’s a new version of Opera available today–9.21. Opera rules. :banana:

Let’s run it from the top. The two twenty search phrases are…

20. “miryam d’abo.” She played Bond girl Kara Milovy in The Living Daylights.

19. “doctor who font.” I describe myself as a “font whore.” No, really, I do. I’m a font whore, and I have a number of Doctor Who fonts on my computer. Your best site to get Doctor Who fonts? Try here. 😉

18. “federation starships.” What about them?

17. “why did monica potter leave boston legal.” I get some variation of this question a lot–the main variation being “Why did Rhona Mitra leave Boston Legal“–and I have no idea, frankly. Boston Legal is a David E. Kelley show, which means it’s basically a revolving door cast-wise.

16. “things that happened in 1979.” My sister was born. I started first grade.

15. “describing myself.” Okay, here’s the thing that gets me. Someone had to type that phrase into Google. Why? Google isn’t going to tell you jack about who you are unless you tell it who you are. Google isn’t a mind-reader, people. Have some perspective. And clicking into my website to find out who you are? Yeah, like that‘s going to happen. :p

14. “needy cat.” I have cats. They can be needy.

13. “illuminati.” Move along, there’s nothing to see.

12. “stephen fry doctor who.” He’s not writing a Doctor Who script, no. Sorry to break the old news.

11. “abducted by the daleks.” Please, don’t ask me any more. Please.

10. “burying a pet.” My advice? Pick a good spot, one that gets some sun, one that gets some shade.

9. “things that happened in 1947.” My mom was born. And probably lots of other really interesting things.

8. “new blackadder.” They’ve been talking about a new Blackadder series for a few years now. Atkinson was interested, Fry wasn’t, they talked about a movie. Who really knows?

7. “anakin skywalker’s father.” I keep you, people. It’s Qui-Gon Jinn. It makes perfect sense. It’s Qui-Gon Jinn. All that midichlorian stuff? That’s crazy talk.

6. “allyn gibson.” This is surprising. People want to know about me? 😕

5. “what happened on my birthday.” Maybe you had a party. Maybe you got a little drunk. Maybe you ate some cake. Maybe you got a card or four. I don’t really know. It’s your birthday, not mine.

4. “blade runner ultimate collection.” We’d better get this in the US, that’s all I have to say. Except we won’t get the really cool Voight-Kampf briefcase like Australia will. American DVD packaging sucks. You know why? Stores don’t like carrying anything out of the ordinary.

3. “things that happened in 1957.” Sputnik. Wasn’t Sputnik launched in 1957?

2. “frank gasperik.” A long-time member of the Larryniven-L mailing list. He passed away in early May.

And, with a whopping sixty-one searches in the past fourteen days, because I am clearly not the most important thing going on here (see number six)…

1. “house season finale.” It’s next week, people. Sheesh. Based on the number of people looking you’d think I had spoilers or something…

Other random notes. Monday is the busiest day. Thursday is the least busy day. And nobody, but nobody reads this website at 3 am, GMT.

One final thought. I enjoy these posts. Why? Because they’re easy to write. You, dear readers, are telling me what you want to know. It’s a dialogue, you see. I like dialogues. Not that Socratic kind, though–I don’t like those. 😆

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