On James Spader’s Emmy Win

Last night James Spader won his third Emmy in four years for his work as ethically-challenged attorney Alan Shore from Boston Legal. Spader, I thought, didn’t have a particularly challenging year as Shore — he was sidelined through much of the first half of the season, ironically due to a storyline that would have beenContinue reading “On James Spader’s Emmy Win”

On Tonight's Boston Legal

If James Spader doesn’t win a third consecutive Best Actor Emmy on the basis on tonight’s episode of Boston Legal there’s no justice in the universe. It’s that simple. Tonight was one of the more dramatic outings for Boston Legal. The partnership selection. The legal wranglings in the case of a cancer drug test. AndContinue reading “On Tonight's Boston Legal”

On Boston Legal's second season

I like Boston Legal. Unfortunately, ABC pulled the show months ago to make room for Grey’s Anatomy, a show I watched and yet despised. For Legal‘s second season we can expect some cast changes. Julie Bowen, formerly of Ed will join the cast. But that comes with a downside. Monica Potter and Rhona Mitra willContinue reading “On Boston Legal's second season”