On Boston Legal's second season

I like Boston Legal. Unfortunately, ABC pulled the show months ago to make room for Grey’s Anatomy, a show I watched and yet despised.

For Legal‘s second season we can expect some cast changes. Julie Bowen, formerly of Ed will join the cast. But that comes with a downside. Monica Potter and Rhona Mitra will be exiting.

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11 thoughts on “On Boston Legal's second season

  1. If you leave because of one character who had a minor part on the show leaves you were never a fan anyway. This is a great show.

  2. Todd, I have to agree with Sandy here. Will I be sad to see Rhona Mitra gone from Boston Legal? Absolutely.


    What, exactly, has her character, Tara Wilson, done this season? Absolutely nothing.

    Todd, I agree. We need hot British women on American television. It’s a wasteland bereft of British beauties. But if Mitra leaves, so be it, whether because she felt underutilized or because the writers felt that had nothing to say with her character. I would rather see her gone than see her wasted week after week.

    If it’s a choice between no Mitra or no Boston Legal, I’ll sadly have to take no Mitra.

    Spader, Shatner, Bergen, Auberjonois. More please!

  3. I wouldn’t say I was a fan…

    It’s a fun show, but it’s awfully written.

    Oh look..ther’s Spader and Shatner being the badboys who are always right. Bergen? Auberjonois? Their always the morts. And Fast Eddie guy? What’s the point. There’s no tension of the inter-group politics..why? because the other side is always the morts.

  4. No Rhona No show and Besides Nip Tuck is on Tuesdays at 10 same time as No Rhona Legal so i will be watching nip tuck and abc can eat my ass with a spoon

  5. What ever happened to Rebecca de Mornay being part of the show? I know she was in the first two or three show specials of Boston Legal before it started as a series.
    in interviews Rebecca was asked if she was going to be a regular on the series..and she said she would be open to that if the show is picked up.well,it WAS picked up.
    But NO Rebbecca on the series…,??????
    Does anyone know WHY rebecca was’nt also cast on the series of Boston Legal? She was GREAT when she was on..same caliber of acting or better than the two main male stars on that show..
    She was so good at being so bad.

  6. I too have wondered whatever happened to Rebecca de Mornay. She was soooo good in the starter series of Boston Legal, but never returned. Was this her decision? Kelly’s? Does anybody know?? I’m really gonna miss her. Don’t get me wrong; Heather is good, too, and I like her. But no one plays the bad girl quite like Rebecca.

  7. What was the deal with Monica Potter on last night/s show? She is listed as a guest star but does nothing except stand around in the background in a crowd scene.

    What did Monica do to make the producers hate her so much?

  8. Remember that five episodes of the first season were held over to begin the second. And for the second season they added Julie Bowen to the cast. It was said at the time that to integrate these hold-over episodes into the new season they would film scenes with Bowen and add them to the existing episodes. If I had to guess her storyline was written and filmed to replace a Potter storyline, which we may see pop up in a later episode if it’s self-contained.

  9. Julie Bowen replacing Monica Potter and/or Rhona Mitra?!? What the hell are they thinking at ABC? Julie Bowen is as bland as oatmeal and not nearly as interesting to watch, while both Monica and Rhona brought a sexiness to this show that Julie Bowen could only bring in her wildest dreams. ABC execs are absolutely missing the boat on this one, and I think they’ll regret it.

  10. I think the issue for the producers of Boston Legal was in finding foils for the main leads, Spader and Shatner. Candice Bergen is a marvelous foil for William Shatner, but Monica Potter really comes across as something of a lightweight paired against Spader and Rhona Mitra, while very funny and very sexy, wasn’t really defined in any sort of interesting way (a problem that she carried over from The Practice, it pains me to say). I think the decision to replace Potter and Mitra with Julie Bowen stemmed from th eneed to find someone who could spark chemistry with Spader and be his foil.

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