More on the New James Bond

I’ve found the reaction to the announcement of Daniel Craig as the next James Bond somewhat astonishing for its negativity. “Worst Bond ever!” “Can EON pick someone worse?” “Surely [Actor X] would have been a better choice!” Anyone who thinks that Craig is a poor choice for Bond, consider this–

We could have had Adam West as James Bond.
We could have had James Brolin as James Bond.

Adam West, best known for his role as television’s Batman, was one of the leading contenders to replace Sean Connery when the actor left after You Only Live Twice. Brolin, best known as Barbra Streisand’s husband, signed a contract and moved to London to film Octopussy, only to have Roger Moore agree to contractual terms with EON on the last possible day.

I think Craig will do a fine job. The main criticism of him I’ve seen is his appearance–he’s a harder looking sort than any of the other Bond actors. But we forget–the literary Bond was had a cruel face and grey eyes–he wasn’t an attractive man.

Give the man his due. Give him his shot. His film is still a year away. :bond:

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