On the Demise of a Band I Liked

Sunday evening I learned a band I liked had broken up.

The band is Aerials Up. Unsurprisingly, they’re from Scotland. When I wrote about Aerials Up originally, I wrote that “there’s a certain similarity to Arcade Fire in the sound of Aerials Up; there’s a similar instrumentation, a similar mixture of male and female voices. But I also hear a certain Barenaked Ladies influence on tracks like the ‘Stay Awake’ single or the ‘I AM’ demo, the sardonic quality that BNL brings to their work that can’t help but bring a smile to the face.”

The song that stands out is “All Your Mother’s Daughters,” which is the song that, to me, sounds very Arcade Fire-ish:

The official “I Am” video, from their penultimate single:

Yesterday, the publicity person for Not Another Happy Ending, a romantic comedy film starring Doctor Who‘s Karen Gillan that will film in Glasgow this summer, wanted to know on Twitter what kind of music should be in the soundtrack. I would have suggested Aerials Up, were it not for their break-up. Instead, I suggested The Scottish Enlightenment.

Not Another Happy Ending is being crowd-funded, by the way. Yes, I’ve made a contribution toward the making of this film. How could I not? 😆

Enough about that, however.

It’s sad and disappointing as someone who liked what I heard of their music that Aerials Up is no more. However, I know that, for the band, it’s a thousand times, a million times worse. This was their dream, and there’s nothing more tragic than the death of a dream.

I will treasure the Superglue EP forever. I was apparently the first person in North America to order one (physical copy, that is) from the band. 🙂

The band’s music is still up on iTunes. There’s not much of it, just six songs across an EP and two singles, but it’s very good and lots of fun.

I liked it. I’ll remember it. And I wish the talented musicians of Aerials Up all the best in their future endeavors. :h2g2:

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