On the New Admiral Fallow Album

Admiral Fallow, a Scottish band, sees the release of their second album, Tree Bursts in Snow, next week.

I’ve been a Fallow fan since they called themselves “The Brother Louis Collective,” and I love their first album, Boots Met My Face. (The side-project album by The Moth & The Mirror, Honestly, This World, is excellent, too.)

The BBC’s review of Tree Bursts in Snow makes a favorable comparison to Elbow: “the Glaswegian quintet are the scene’s most thoughtful brand of emo-scaping, more concerned with simmering space and dynamics than outright brow-beating. The opening title(ish)-track surges and slow-burns like prime Elbow; Guy Garvey is a Fallow fan, and there’s indeed something Garvey-like about singer-guitarist Louis Abbott. But it’s still smaller-scale, tense, and all the better for its restraint.” Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about Elbow. 🙂

The whole of the new album can be heard here. And this is the video of “The Paper Trench”:

Good stuff, if, like me, you like Scottish indie. I’ve listened to the album’s stream a few times now, and I like it a great deal. It’s good stuff.

Naturally, I have the album on order. I can’t wait for it to arrive; I got the shipping notification this morning. Between that and the new Beach House album, this will be a great spring for music. 🙂

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