On Today’s Commute

If you’ve followed me on Twitter or on Facebook today, you saw that I went to work.

Yes, when Maryland’s governor asked people to stay off the roads — his exact words yesterday were “We are urging all citizens to hunker down at home and stay off the roads tomorrow” — I went to work.

I didn’t have a choice. The office didn’t close today.

The drive in was not terrible. It was very rainy, there was some wind, my umbrella snapped. Not terrible.

The drive home? Also not terrible. But not an experience I want to repeat any time soon.

Almost ten years ago I drove into Hurricane Isabel’s stormfront. (There were reasons for that. I was flying back from Vegas, and the airline dumped me and my coworkers in Charlotte. So we got a van, and I got to drive.) That was really bad.

This was also really bad.

I get to repeat this tomorrow. The office will be opening tomorrow morning. At least, that’s the plan. I’m curious, though, because the eye of Hurricane Sandy is supposed to pass maybe twenty miles to the north of the office, so maybe it won’t happen.

Time for another beer.

I think I need it.

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