Perils of the Heart

Had Quark known that falling in love would prove so traumatic, he might have reconsidered.  But affairs of the heart were a fickle thing, and from the moment he first laid eyes upon her he was smitten.

In the aftermath of the assassination of the Bajoran First Minister and Kira’s abrupt departure, she suggested consummating their relationship, and he was powerless to resist her charms.

If only he hadn’t been so eager.

She leaned over him, her face contorted into a disconcerting leer.  “I am the master,” Ro Laren whispered as she stroked his lobes, “and you will obey me.”

Published by Allyn

A writer, editor, journalist, sometimes coder, occasional historian, and all-around scholar, Allyn Gibson is the writer for Diamond Comic Distributors' monthly PREVIEWS catalog, used by comic book shops and throughout the comics industry, and the editor for its monthly order forms. In his over ten years in the industry, Allyn has interviewed comics creators and pop culture celebrities, covered conventions, analyzed industry revenue trends, and written copy for comics, toys, and other pop culture merchandise. Allyn is also known for his short fiction (including the Star Trek story "Make-Believe,"the Doctor Who short story "The Spindle of Necessity," and the ReDeus story "The Ginger Kid"). Allyn has been blogging regularly with WordPress since 2004.

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