On Receiving Unwanted Spam

Anyone who has an e-mail address receives spam. Depending on your filtering methods, you may see very little of it, or you may see a lot.

Earlier this week I received a message from Kevin Kline. He was trying to interest me in some thing or the other. I don’t recall, exactly. What I do recall is a sadness that the spammers have taken to appropriating the names of actors whose work I enjoy.

Today I received a spam message from Jesus. And in a twist sure to offend everyone offended by The da Vinci Code, Jesus has gender-identity issues. Let’s quote from the message, shall we?

I am a nice prebtty girl. Don’t reply to this emaila. Email me daireclty.

I suppose the poor spelling can be forgiven–Jesus spoke Aramaic (presuming he existed, of course), so English would be a foreign language to him. But even allowing for that, Jesus is a girl?!? Christianity must be quaking at its very core. 😉

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