The Psi Phi Project: Vulcan's Fury, give me a novel!

Vulcan’s Fury, the lost computer game from Interplay, deserves to exist in some form. Ever since I heard of it, I wanted to experience this story in some fashion. The story of the Sundering of the Vulcan people, that’s gripping stuff. And that it was written by none other than D.C. Fontana, that was anotherContinue reading “The Psi Phi Project: Vulcan's Fury, give me a novel!”

Spock and the Calvinists

Calvinist: I’m saved! I’m one of the Elect! Spock: How many elect are there? Calvinist: One-hundred forty-four thousand. Spock: An intriguing number. A question. How many of these Elect come from this time? Calvinist: What? I don’t understand. Spock: Christianity as a faith is two thousand years old. A rough calculation would show that someContinue reading “Spock and the Calvinists”

The Psi Phi Project: Re(7080): The BBS

From Bob: If George W. Bush was a Star Trek character, who would he be? 0, from the Q-Continuum trilogy. Wants to take over the world and bring his psychotic friends to the party. Al Gore? Q, from the same trilogy. He means well, tries hard, but comes up short. Ralph Nader? Quinn, from Voyager‘sContinue reading “The Psi Phi Project: Re(7080): The BBS”