On Counterfactuals, Tantrums, and the Expensive Orgy

Two political op-eds have captured my attention in the past day. They cover similar ground — the struggles of the Democrats this election cycle — in profoundly different ways. The Washington Post‘s Eugene Robinson, he writes in “The Spoiled-Brat American Electorate” that “registered voters say they intend to vote for Republicans over Democrats by anContinue reading “On Counterfactuals, Tantrums, and the Expensive Orgy”

On What’s At Stake In November’s Elections

Forty-five years ago Alabama governor George Wallace declared in his inaugural address a policy of “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.” Opposed to the Civil Rights movement, rejecting federal authority, Wallace, an ardent racist and state’s rights advocate, sought to turn back the clock to an earlier era, but the genie of Civil Rights wasContinue reading “On What’s At Stake In November’s Elections”

On Hillary Clinton’s 2012 Political Options

It’s August. Political reporters need something to write about. So why not write about the 2012 election? How else to explain the sudden flurry of articles — with this one from Politics Daily a typical example — speculating on Hillary Clinton’s plans for 2012? Or, this article which suggests that Clinton will stage a primaryContinue reading “On Hillary Clinton’s 2012 Political Options”

On Last Night’s Elections

Yesterday was, in some parts of the country, Election Day. I’ve sat down to read about elections in Virginia, New Jersey, New York, and Maine. I’ve not even had my coffee yet. It’s still brewing. The Democrats were crushed at all levels of state government in the Old Dominion. The Republican candidate for governor pulledContinue reading “On Last Night’s Elections”

On Presidential and Vice Presidential Picks

As I was taking the laundry down off the line, I made an intriguing realization. This year’s Democratic ticket is the first since 1984 without a presidential or vice presidential candidate that hails from the old Confederacy. 2008 — Obama (Illinois)/Biden (Delaware) 2004 — Kerry (Massachusetts)/Edwards (North Carolina) 2000 — Gore (Tennessee)/Lieberman (Connecticut) 1996 —Continue reading “On Presidential and Vice Presidential Picks”

On Joe Biden

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama has picked his vice presidential running mate. Senator Joe Biden of Delaware. Joe Biden? I thought Obama was running as the candidate who was going to change Washington. How does picking an “inside the Beltway” Washington insider do that? Biden has been serving as Delaware’s Senator since Obama wasContinue reading “On Joe Biden”