On Republican Policies and their Impacts

Like millions of Americans, I paid some attention last night to the State of the Union address and the two Republican responses, one from Paul Ryan of Wisconsin (who, much to my chagrin, did not mention the Fantastic Four at all), the other from Michele Bachmann of Minnesota. Abler commentators than I have parsed andContinue reading “On Republican Policies and their Impacts”

On What’s At Stake In November’s Elections

Forty-five years ago Alabama governor George Wallace declared in his inaugural address a policy of “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.” Opposed to the Civil Rights movement, rejecting federal authority, Wallace, an ardent racist and state’s rights advocate, sought to turn back the clock to an earlier era, but the genie of Civil Rights wasContinue reading “On What’s At Stake In November’s Elections”

On Katrina and the Gasoline Situation

According to the morning’s newspaper the gas station in the shopping center where I work shuttered its doors yesterday–their pumps had run dry. Also yesterday, Governor Mike Easley called upon all North Carolinians to limit their fuel consumption–the hurricane in Louisiana shut down the gas pipeline through the southeast which leaves North Carolina with theContinue reading “On Katrina and the Gasoline Situation”