On Paul McCartney, the Election, and His Band

Excepting Twitter, this is my last word on politics until Wednesday, and that’s a promise. 🙂 Paul McCartney and his band make an endorsement in the 2012 presidential election. I realized something watching that little video. Paul’s band has been together together for a decade. While the Beatles were a band for longer than that,Continue reading “On Paul McCartney, the Election, and His Band”

On Planning for Tuesday’s Election

Tuesday’s Election Day. Thank goodness. I feel a bit like Abigael Evans; I, too, am ready for “Bronco Bamma” and Mitt Romney to go away. I did not early vote. The early voting locations and times weren’t convenient to me. I’ll vote after work on Tuesday. The subway train will get back at 7 o’clock,Continue reading “On Planning for Tuesday’s Election”

On Mitt Romney’s Very Bad Fundraiser

Yesterday, a video leaked of Mitt Romney at a swank fundraiser. In Part 1 of the video, Romney displays contempt for the lower half of the electorate. In the second part, Romney dismisses the very idea of peace in Middle-East. Some reactions to the first video. Michael Tomasky: Mitt Tells Voters in Video to DropContinue reading “On Mitt Romney’s Very Bad Fundraiser”

On the Danger of the Romney/Ryan Ticket

A few weeks ago, I floated a crazy idea — Mitt Romney should pick Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia’s Attorney General, for his running mate. Basically, I saw Cuccinelli as a pick to placate the Republican base, giving Romney to freedom to tack to center in the general election. And I saw a Romney/Cuccinelli pick as aContinue reading “On the Danger of the Romney/Ryan Ticket”

On Ken Cuccinelli, Vice Presidential Candidate

Mitt Romney is closing in on choosing his running mate for November. Last week, coinciding with the pummeling he took in the nedia over some disclosures about his tenure at Bain Capital, the suggestion of Condi Rice was floated.  Rumors this week are swirling around Rob Portman and Tim Pawlenty.  And, of course, Virginia governorContinue reading “On Ken Cuccinelli, Vice Presidential Candidate”

On Stephen Colbert’s Poll Numbers

Last week, comedian Stephen Colbert shocked the media by announcing his intention to explore the possibility of running for President of the United States of South Carolina. Or somesuch like that. Because pollsters need something to fill the endless hours between now and November, Public Policy Polling decided to put the question to a testContinue reading “On Stephen Colbert’s Poll Numbers”

On Cynicism, Mitch Daniels, and the Thin Republican Field

Mitch Daniels, the former Bush administration Office of Management and Budget director and current governor of Indiana, has decided not to seek the Republican nomination for President in 2012. Many Republicans saw him as a viable candidate in a weak field, yet Daniels has decided to join former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, who would himselfContinue reading “On Cynicism, Mitch Daniels, and the Thin Republican Field”

On Obama’s Tax Cut Capitulation

Yesterday, President Obama and the Congressional Republican leadership agreed on a two year extension of the Bush-era tax cuts. It’s not entirely a done deal — Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont, has threatened a filibuster, and the deal still has to be sold to wary Democratic legislators, some of whom were willing to take PaulContinue reading “On Obama’s Tax Cut Capitulation”

On the Coming Impeachment of Barack Obama

The Republican Party, odds-on favorites to win the House of Representatives in six weeks, are looking to the future by looking back at their playbook of the 1990s past — a campaign platform long on rhetorical flourishes and short on a coherent governing strategy, talk of a government shutdown to force the President to theContinue reading “On the Coming Impeachment of Barack Obama”

On Hillary Clinton’s 2012 Political Options

It’s August. Political reporters need something to write about. So why not write about the 2012 election? How else to explain the sudden flurry of articles — with this one from Politics Daily a typical example — speculating on Hillary Clinton’s plans for 2012? Or, this article which suggests that Clinton will stage a primaryContinue reading “On Hillary Clinton’s 2012 Political Options”