On Watches, Faucets, and Headaches

A year ago, I discovered that Underground Toys was producing a replica of the Doctor’s fobwatch from the “Human Nature”/”Family of Blood” two-parter of Doctor Who‘s third season. While I sort of wanted one, it wasn’t high on my list of priorities. Unlike The Journal of Impossible Things, which I instantly wanted, and I’m nowContinue reading “On Watches, Faucets, and Headaches”

On My Grandmother’s Latest

Today, I wondered for the first time who my grandmother thought I was. I’d gone into the kitchen to fix some lunch. I wasn’t sure what I wanted; I would scavenge in the refrigerator until something promising came to the fore. My grandmother was in the kitchen. When she’s upset, she tends to wander nervously.Continue reading “On My Grandmother’s Latest”

On My Grandmother and Grief

I read Slate pretty much every day. Well, when I type “read,” I mean I scan the headlines, and if something pops up that looks promising, I’ll take a look. I saw a headline today — “What Americans Don’t Understand About Grief.” It’s a series of articles, beginning back in February, in which Meghan O’RourkeContinue reading “On My Grandmother and Grief”