On a New LEGO Video Game

Have I mentioned recently how much I like LEGO? Didn’t think so. There’s a LEGO strategy game coming out for the Nintendo DS. Think Age of Empires, but with LEGO! It’s called LEGO Battles, and it starts out with Castles, then Pirates, and finally Space! You build buildings, and they’re LEGO buildings. Then you buildContinue reading “On a New LEGO Video Game”

On LEGOs I Don’t Want

Using the power of Google, someone wanted to find information on “Lego Minifig George Bush.” And that brought the person to me. Specifically, to this post on LEGO videos, including LEGO-fied versions of the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Halo 2 video game trailers. A post where I used words “LEGO” and “Minifig.” Minifig,Continue reading “On LEGOs I Don’t Want”

On Other Needed LEGOs

Three weeks ago I’d mentioned how some phrases kept turning up in my search logs, phrases related to LEGO Doctor Who. Strangely, after writing about the need for LEGO Doctor Who products, people stopped “asking.” Go figure. Howsomever, LEGO searches have remained popular. Just from the last week: LEGO Batman Killer Croc LEGO Frodo StarContinue reading “On Other Needed LEGOs”