On the Road

It occurs to me that I’ve written nothing here about my recent vacation. Every summer I attend Shore Leave, a science-fiction convention held a little north of Baltimore, in Hunt Valley, Maryland. There’s a sort-of-matching winter convention, held in the same location, called Farpoint, and though I’ve attended Shore Leave regularly the last few yearsContinue reading “On the Road”

Emergency Road Trip II

In an hour my grandmother and I are leaving Raleigh, heading back north to Baltimore. The plan seems to be this–drive to Rocky Mount, pay a visit to Gertrude at the hospital, stay a half an hour tops, then up I-95 to Baltimore. Leave at ten, should arrive in Baltimore somewhere in the vicinity ofContinue reading “Emergency Road Trip II”

Emergency Road Trip

Yesteday I made an emergency trip to Baltimore. Saturday morning my mother called me at work. “What does your Sunday schedule look like?” she wanted to know. Her aunt–my grandmother’s ninety year-old sister–was in the hospital in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. She had fallen a few days earlier and broken her hip. Someone needed toContinue reading “Emergency Road Trip”