Recent Tweetery

Some recent tweets that I enjoyed writing. Twitter falls into the memory hole so quickly, and maybe someday I’ll want to return to these. Okay, probably not. But for a minute or two, this is what I was thinking at the time.

My Farpoint 2019 Schedule

The Farpoint convention is this weekend in Hunt Valley, Maryland. The headlining guests are Wallace Shawn (My Dinner with Andre, The Princess Bride), Maurice Lamarche (Pinky & the Brain, International Talk Like William Shatner Day), and Rob Paulsen (Pinky & the Brain). I will also be there, as I’ve been ever year since 2006, andContinue reading “My Farpoint 2019 Schedule”

Conversations I Have With Myself

This is a real conversation I had with myself recently: “Farpoint is this weekend! Maybe I’ll go to Andy Nelson’s and get some BBQ for dinner.” “You freaking moron. You drive past Andy Nelson’s every single day when you go to work. You can stop anytime you want after work. You don’t.” “Oh. Yes. You’reContinue reading “Conversations I Have With Myself”

My Farpoint 2018 Schedule

This weekend is Farpoint, a science-fiction convention in Hunt Valley, Maryland that I’ve been attending since 2006. (I was supposed to be at the famous “Snowcon” Farpoint in 2003 — I’d registered for it and was looking forward to it — but when I saw what the weather forecast for Maryland was, I cancelled myContinue reading “My Farpoint 2018 Schedule”

Musings on a Water Tower

Last Saturday at Farpoint I went to dinner with some friends and their pre-school aged daughter. As we drove up York Road, the preschooler pointed to the west. “Look! A water tower! It’s so small!” I’ve worked in the area for the past ten years. Yet this was the first time I’d really noticed theContinue reading “Musings on a Water Tower”

Farpoint 2016 — My Schedule

Two weeks ago I wrote that I’ll be a guest at Farpoint this year. Farpoint, I should note, is a science-fiction convention held near Baltimore every February, and the headlining guests are writer David Gerrold and Firefly actor Sean Maher. Before the weekend, I received my schedule for the convention, but I haven’t had aContinue reading “Farpoint 2016 — My Schedule”

T Minus One Month to Farpoint

Hard to believe we’re a month away from Farpoint. Farpoint is a convention held annually outside Baltimore in mid-February, usually right around Valentine’s Day. This year will be my eleventh Farpoint; I’ve been attending since 2006. The headlining guests this year are novelist David Gerrold (writer of Star Trek‘s “The Trouble with Tribbles”), Sean MaherContinue reading “T Minus One Month to Farpoint”

Harve Bennett: A Reminiscence

There is a generation for whom their Star Trek isn’t one of the television series. It’s the movies. Maroon jackets. Admiral Kirk. James Horner. “Of all the souls I have encountered…” Protomatter and Project Genesis. “My god, Bones, what have I done?” Humpback whales. “A double dumb-ass on you.” Born too late for the animatedContinue reading “Harve Bennett: A Reminiscence”

The Trouble with Artwork

This weekend at Farpoint, I bought my first piece of artwork from the Art Auction. To be honest, it was the first time I bid on anything in the Art Auction at any convention. Usually I’ll go and take a look, see something that looks nice, but never anything I felt like I simply couldn’tContinue reading “The Trouble with Artwork”