Meeting Matt Frewer

Matt Frewer was the headlining guest this year at Farpoint, an annual science-fiction convention held near Baltimore, this weekend. While I know that most people wanted to meet him because of Max Headroom or roles in other shows like Eureka, Orphan Black, and recently Altered Carbon, I really wanted to meet him because of DoctorContinue reading “Meeting Matt Frewer”

My Farpoint 2018 Schedule

This weekend is Farpoint, a science-fiction convention in Hunt Valley, Maryland that I’ve been attending since 2006. (I was supposed to be at the famous “Snowcon” Farpoint in 2003 — I’d registered for it and was looking forward to it — but when I saw what the weather forecast for Maryland was, I cancelled myContinue reading “My Farpoint 2018 Schedule”

On Thoughts This Wednesday Morning

Matt Frewer is coming to Farpoint! Okay, okay, many people are going to be geeking out that weekend over the winsome Felicia Day. But. Matt Frewer, people! Max Headroom! Sherlock Holmes! Doctor, Doctor! (Which so needs to be on DVD, dammit! I’d buy it. Right now!) Yes, I liked Frewer’s Holmes, from those four moviesContinue reading “On Thoughts This Wednesday Morning”