The Friday Five – Highday, 12 Blotmath

Questions courtesy of Friday Five: 1. Were you raised in a particular religious faith? I was raised Methodist. 2. Do you still practice that faith? Why or why not? I don’t practice a religious faith because I don’t have a religious faith. When I was growing up I attended church because it was expected, notContinue reading “The Friday Five – Highday, 12 Blotmath”

More Thoughts on This Week

Keith DeCandido wrote in response to someone else whose name I forget: Not to defend the guy, but he’s sort of right. In 1941, Hawaii wasn’t really “American soil.” They were a U.S. territory, yes, but not a state. It was still part of the United States. The fact that it wasn’t a state yetContinue reading “More Thoughts on This Week”

Spock and the Calvinists

Calvinist: I’m saved! I’m one of the Elect! Spock: How many elect are there? Calvinist: One-hundred forty-four thousand. Spock: An intriguing number. A question. How many of these Elect come from this time? Calvinist: What? I don’t understand. Spock: Christianity as a faith is two thousand years old. A rough calculation would show that someContinue reading “Spock and the Calvinists”