On Civ-Builders and Authoritarianism

Yesterday, Andrew Sullivan‘s blog at The Atlantic linked to an essay at The American Prospect by Monica Potts on how civ-building computer games don’t really allow for liberal-progressive solutions to life’s problems. Games like The Sims and Civilization model a rightward ideology, if not by design then certainly by practice. There are many ways toContinue reading “On Civ-Builders and Authoritarianism”

On Dead Languages

Ah, Saturday morning. Laundry! It being Saturday, and because I don’t want to think, let’s do another meme! Let’s recap some recent memes. I’m Arthurian literature, I’m an INFP (here too), and I’m Ireland. I’m also “All You Need Is Love,” but doesn’t that go without saying? And now, if I were a dead language,Continue reading “On Dead Languages”

On Something Like D-Day, But Not D-Day

Last night, after watching House, I wanted to play a computer game. But what? Hmm, Age of Empires II seemed promising. I’ve given all of my real-time strategy love to its successor, Age of Empires III, so why not spend some time with some Age of Kings or The Conquerors? So, I fired up TheContinue reading “On Something Like D-Day, But Not D-Day”