Flirting with Historic Futility

The amateur baseball historian in me is perversely excited that the Orioles could make baseball history this year. Last night, the Orioles seized defeat from the jaws of victory and lost for the 108th time this year. This is the most losses in Baltimore major league history, but not in franchise history; the 1939 St.Continue reading “Flirting with Historic Futility”

Bleacher Creatures

“I can’t believe you wore that,” Peri said. “How was I to know?” the Doctor said indignantly, raising his voice to shout above those jeering at him. Peri frowned.  “You could have asked.” “Did you not say, ‘Let’s go to a baseball game.’  Is this not the proper attire?”  He gestured at the cap andContinue reading “Bleacher Creatures”