Downton Abbey: The Comeuppance of Mary Crawley

It’s taken five years, but someone is finally calling Lady Mary out on her shit. Yes! Mary is called out by her mother for being a bully! #DowntonAbbey — Allyn Gibson (@allyngibson) January 18, 2016 The proximate cause? The wedding of Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes. Last week’s drama revolved, in part, over where theirContinue reading “Downton Abbey: The Comeuppance of Mary Crawley”

Downton Abbey: The Politics of Pig Farming

Downton Abbey vacillates between two extremes — measured costume drama and out-and-out soap opera. Last night’s episode, the second of the sixth and final season, was the latter, not the former. The episode’s main plot — an autumn farm festival — was the springboard for a number of smaller plots, but then there were otherContinue reading “Downton Abbey: The Politics of Pig Farming”