On House and The Beatles

Let’s rewind a few days. Back to Tuesday. House returned to FOX on Tuesday for its final three episodes of the fourth season with a Very Special Christmas Episode. Unlike previous Very Special Christmas Episodes, Dr. Gregory House didn’t OD himself into oblivion. He had case. He had his new team. He had new mindContinue reading “On House and The Beatles”

On Christmas Traditions

Many people have Christmas traditions. I don’t. It comes, I think, from having worked retail for so many years. The “holiday season” was anything but a holiday. And while I enjoyed certain things about the season, one thing I really wanted was for it to be over. A few years ago I started a traditionContinue reading “On Christmas Traditions”

On a Beatles Christmas

Today I went in search of my Christmas music collection. It took a little digging, a little rearranging, and I probably needed a torch and a pith helmet, but ultimately the prize was mine. I had my Christmas music. 🙂 The Beatles themselves recorded a Christmas song–“Christmas Time Is Here Again,” released originally on oneContinue reading “On a Beatles Christmas”