On John McCain and Torture

In all the hubbub over Senator John McCain dismissing the Dungeons & Dragons vote, one vital story has been ignored — was John McCain tortured by the North Vietnamese during his captivity during the Vietnam War? John McCain would say yes: Just after his release in May 1973, he detailed his experience as a P.O.W.Continue reading “On John McCain and Torture”

On Guantanamo’s Anniversary

As I wrote a week ago, today is the sixth anniversary of the opening of the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay for “enemy combatants.” Not prisoners of war with legal rights accorded the Geneva Conventions, but enemy combatants who exist in some sort of legal black hole. The ACLU has asked that people wear orangeContinue reading “On Guantanamo’s Anniversary”

On Protesting Guantanamo

On January 11, 2008 the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay will celebrate an unfortunate anniversary. Its sixth anniversary. The United States will have been holding detainees there, outside of legal guidelines and international law, for longer than the American involvement in, say, World War II. Longer than the Civil War. Longer than most Presidencies. SixContinue reading “On Protesting Guantanamo”