On McCain’s Play For “Real Virginia”

John McCain’s presidential campaign is making a play for a new state — Real Virginia. Northern Virginia, as McCain spokesperson Nancy Pfotenhauer notes, is growing increasingly Democratic. So, too, is the Virginia Beach area, the Richmond-Fredericksburg corridor, and Albemarle County. The rest of the state is heavily Republican, but the demographic trends of the state … Continue reading On McCain’s Play For “Real Virginia”

On Planetariums and John McCain’s Short-Sightedness

When I was younger, my father used to take me, my brother, and my sister to the planetarium on a regular basis. I loved it. Lean back in the chair, look up at the presentation, and learn something about the universe we live in. My interest in astronomy was kindled by Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. The … Continue reading On Planetariums and John McCain’s Short-Sightedness

On “The Goddamn McCain”

Consider Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. An aged hero confronts a new generation. He’s older, he’s slower, he knows that he’s physically no match. An artist has done an incredible job mixing portaits of John McCain with Frank Miller’s Batman dialogue and thought balloons from The Dark Knight Returns. If Frank Miller, circa 1985, … Continue reading On “The Goddamn McCain”

On John McCain and His Lack of Judgment

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has had a lousy seventy-two hours. That’s the only real conclusion that one can draw as news reports about the Republican Vice Presidential pick filter in. She was affiliated with and was a member of a secessionist political party, the Alaska Independence Party. She’s hired a lawyer in advance of her … Continue reading On John McCain and His Lack of Judgment